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5 Simple Wellness Tips to Kickstart your Day

Whatever we practice, we build more of in our lives. Here are 5 easy lifestyle practices to help you look after yourself every day.

Fun fact: The more we do it, the quicker the results.



Before you rise out of bed in the morning, take 10 deep belly breaths.

Breathe in what you would like for your day, and breathe out whatever you want to let go of.


Our breath is our life force, and often we do not actively breathe.


Breathing practices are a quick and easy way to reduce levels of tension in the body and mind.

Helping to create greater awareness of the present moment, and relieve unnecessary stress.

Belly or diaphragmatic breathing has been linked to

- reduction in circulating stress hormones.

- better focus.

- emotional balance

- reduction in anxiety and depression.

✨ 2. MOVE


When you rise, spend 5-10 mins having an enjoyable stretch.

Let yourself move however feels good, and continue your nice deep breathing.


When we hold ourselves in the same positions, and repeat the same mechanical patterns each day, our body adapts to this routine.


By moving our bodies n all directions we expand our physical capabilities and improve our physiological functions.

Particularly, when we move areas that tend to be still a lot of the time.

Gentle movement like Yoga, Tai Chi and Dance have been linked to

- Better circulation

- Better sleep

- Better body awareness

- Reduced pain



Hydrate yourself with water (filtered if possible) to a level that feels good.

It will help to flush out your system and get your body and mind ready for the day.

Our body is 60-70% water, and needs it for all our physiological systems to function well.


When we don't drink enough water our mind and body is sluggish and there is an increase in the amount of time toxins are present in our system.


When we drink enough water for our needs, we support the function of our entire being.

This can contributes to

- Increase in overall vitality

- Efficient transport of nutrients

- Faster elimination of wastes

- Better brain and nervous system function



Connect with nature at least once a day for 20mins or more.

Get outside and breathe in the fresh air, go for an easy walk, feel the sun on your skin. If you can, barefoot on the beach. Your whole being will thank you.


Now more than ever, the majority of us spend most of our lives indoors and in front of different devices.


When we are in nature we receive the reminder that life is so much more than our own little world.

We connect to that which is so much greater than ourselves, and it helps expand our perspective away from rigid and conditioned thinking patterns.

Being in nature has been linked to

-.Increase in memory

- Increase in happiness

- Reduction in stress levels

- Increase in natural healing capacity



Take some time to express your love for yourself and what you have achieved in your life to date.


Sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget just how much we have already done.

This increases our feelings of anxiety about our future and the drive to do more and more and more.

This leads to an inability to relax and unwind.


When we give ourselves love and reassurance that we are enough. We are able to give ourselves exactly what we need to calm our constant mental chatter and need to be more than we are.

Our gratitude for ourselves increases and we feel more at peace within ourselves.

Leading to more happiness and sense of fulfilment in our lives.

In my life, self love has contributed to

- Reduction in anxiety and depression

- Greater sense of connection to who I am

- Better relationships with my loved ones and the world around me.

- Increased experience of clarity and inner peace.

Doing a little bit each an everyday rewires our neurology, physiology and psychology towards greater health and healing.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices, or have some customised to your own health concerns, please get in touch for a FREE Self Love Consultation.

Yours with Love,

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