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Self Love in Uncertain Times

Now more than ever life feels uncertain as all areas of life seem to be under threat.

Globally, nationally, socially, in our relationships with ourselves and each other. In our relationship with nature.

As interest rates rise, as wars continue endlessly, as we lose faith in the system that has been supporting us, and as the systems break under unprecedented pressure, we are in serious need of grounding into something that is more meaningful. Into something that we can believe in, into something that gives us purpose.

I believe that something is love, more specifically Self Love. Because when we pour our energy into love it has the quality of possibility, expansion, self generation. And this creates a feeling of clarity, confidence, positivity and most importantly connection.

Why is connection important?

Because without connection we can’t ground ourselves. Without grounding, we can’t find a sense of balance, and when we don’t feel balanced, we just whirr around on autopilot, following distraction. Becoming more and more mentally emotionally and physically exhausted and unstable as our energy levels deplete.

As this happens it begins a downward spiral that leads to us losing hope and faith in ourselves, in each other and in everything around us.

We become an island immersed in our own suffering and every time we look outside our island we either judge ourselves against what we see or we become disillusioned with life.

Especially when all we see on the news, all we hear is how hard life is for everybody. All corners of the globe are affected, each person experiencing heavy tolls. This compounded with the speed of communication through social media and we have ourselves a perfect storm of fear generating information.

If we place too much of our attention into all the bad news, we start to live in fear of the future. In what might happen to us, our loved ones and our world. This leads to feelings of anxiety, depression and stress that we are living with everyday. Putting more strain on our health and well-being.

So my question is this, do you want to be focused on a fear based reality or a love based reality? Because where you place your energy and attention is what creates your reality.

If your answer is a love based reality, then it is time to redirect your focus to loving yourself and loving your life.

Because when we return to love, everything becomes simpler. It becomes more manageable. It becomes framed in togetherness rather than loneliness.



So my offering to you today, is to not just jump into your usual distractions (Over working, countless coffees, biting back after feeling resentment, Netflix binging, shopping, whatever addiction helps you get by each day).

Just take a moment to breathe where you are until you feel your system relax.

Then walk outside barefoot and witness nature at work for another 10 breaths.

Then move your body until you feel all parts,

and ask yourself what you really need at this moment.

Not your default answer, but what you really need and just keep breathing deeply as you listen.

Listen to your inner voice so that you may once again honour your true need and truly love yourself.

And most importantly, take action on your true need. Because it will inspire greater confidence in your ability to love and support yourself.


This is how we practice Self Love. We take time to notice how we are feeling by breathing, we connect with our body by moving, we cultivate awareness by witnessing our inner landscape and listening for our inner voice. Then we create action by acting on the need that is there.

This is how we soothe the soul with Self Love, this is how we clear our resentments towards others as a result of our self-sacrifices, and this is how we as an individual take charge of our life so that we may find our centre-point amidst all the information all the situations, all the expectations that will be set upon us every day.

I’d love to hear how you go.

Yours with love


If you would like to learn more at your own pace, stay tuned for more blog posts, or check out my social media channels on my contact page.

If you would like some help as you put this into practice in your own life. Book your FREE first chat here, and we can begin your assisted journey.

With Love from Jo

Joanna Lim

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