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Lotus Bud 3

The Living Lotus Love

& Wholebeing story

There once was a girl who came into the world wondering why she was here and whether she was enough. 

Every morning it was a battle to keep her negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings about herself and others under wraps. She wanted to reach out to others, but when she did, it just seemed to make others uncomfortable.

For many years she didn’t feel loved or purposeful in life, and was constantly questioning why she was here. She looked to others for answers and gurus for shortcuts all over the world, but found every time the solution just didn’t seem to work out for her long term.

This led her to search her own body, mind, heart, soul and spirit for what has truth and meaning for her, and she realised she was the one she was waiting for all along.

And now Joanna devotes her life to help others reclaim their sovereignty.

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