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When it comes to loving ourselves...

sometimes we need space to REST,

sometimes we need to RESTORE,

and at other times we need...


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My goal is for all people to know how to listen to, look after and love themselves in the best way for who they are. 

My vision is a world where LOVE conquers FEAR.

If you need a REVOLUTION in your life, ACTIVE PARTICIPATION is key.

In my COACHING SESSIONS, you receive tailored support to make lasting change.
So you can confidently support yourself moving forward.
It is focused on TRANSFORMATION and paced to your level of comfort.


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If you need to REST and RESTORE your energy levels, PASSIVE PARTICIPATION is wonderful.

This is where you allow yourself to be pampered in a SELF LOVE SESSION.
Where you let go of your burden and step into a space of NOURISHMENT and RELAXATION.



Hi I'm Jo,
I specialise in helping people find themselves again.

I use tailored self-love
experiences to help you reconnect to your whole-being.

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Ways I can work with you



Sometimes you need a day or two to restore.

These retreats help you relax and immerse into yourself


So you can get clear on what you want,

set course for where you want to go,

and have some tools to help you along the way.



8 week intensive courses to help you reconnect to yourself and love who you are.

This one-on-one coaching is for those who are ready to stop looking for love outside of themselves, and generate it from inside.

Because they recognise that only they can love themselves the way they need to be loved.



tell me


tell me


Rejuvenating experiences to help you rest into yourself. In person and online. 

One-on-one, couple and group experiences are available.

Offerings include:

• Yoga, Qigong, dance and meditation classes

• Shiatsu, relaxation massage and facials

• Introductory self-love sessions

• Human physiology education, mind mapping and tarot reading

• Chakra, sound, essential oil and crystal healing



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Go deeper and find your self-love and whole-being

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Take your pain and turn it into your power.

Face your hurts and transform your fears.

Embrace your whole being and come home to love.

You are the one you have been waiting for.


By creating a safe, secure, confidential space to nurture your whole being we are able to delve into the depths of what has been troubling, limiting and oppressing your love and light.


By creating a weekly schedule, we will work together to introduce greater love into your daily life using tailored practices that suit who you are, how you learn and what you enjoy in a sustainable, simple way. 


By cultivating your own permission to move beyond the selfishness paradigm and step into self love.

It's time to step up and love your whole being.

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Self-Love Experiences & Yoga


Jo is so amazing, special and extremely talented. She is good for my soul, she reinforces the beauty and the power in your self love, self caring journey in so many ways.  My son calls her our Love Guru which is so special and we are certainly part of her tribe. Both my husband and I highly recommend anyone connecting with Jo and building your plan to a brighter future.   I love it all,  the mind mapping sessions, yoga, tarot cards and massages.  She is unique, beautiful and we are so happy she is in our part of the world on her journey to share with us all. x


- Nicole

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The Lotus

The truth will set you free and love is always the answer.


Life is a dance of learning to love. Let your wholebeing free. Be who you are born to be.


The lotus moves to her own tune, she emerges from her seed casing when the time is right. Her goal to move forward out of her own shadow and into her light. Allowing the two to inform each other.


As she traverses the mud and peels into the water, the currents pull her this way and that, challenging her dance in different ways.


In time, she knows the currents and their effects on her dance. She has learnt what dances bring pain and pleasure, clarity and confusion, exhaustion and energy, overwhelm and balance, emptiness and meaning, control and surrender. 


Faithful dancing to the rhythm of her soul has woven her many facets back together, and here she remembers how self love can set her whole being free.


She now feels safe to journey into the air, to follow her truth and allow herself to play.


As her first petals peel away, she slowly sheds her fear of being seen as she truly is. Her dance all the more magnificent as she continues to bloom.


As her petals keep opening and releasing she finds gratitude in sharing her dance amongst others, all in various stages of beginning, becoming and bequeathing.


Now she is earnestly whole in her essence. No matter the challenges, her spirit is unchanged, her soul is satiated and her pure, sovereign heart is at peace.


In this place she is content to completely let go and let God take care of the seeds she will leave when she finishes this dance.


How do you choose to dance yourself whole through this life?

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Location: 7 Yandala St, Tea Gardens, NSW 2324

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